Food Trailer Sale

The Cost of a Food Trailer may make you SCREAM, however here at Savoryy Temptations we are here to take the hassle, and crazy prices out of Food Trailer shopping.
All of our trailers are made with state of the art materials.  We want your trailer to last and last for a long time.  Whether you have decided you want to cook everyday, on weekends, or cater only we are ready to sit down with you, help you draw out your food trailer and make your vision of being a number one food company a #1 Reality.

Deciding to take your Food Company mobile is powerful decision. You had to decide, do I want a restaurant on wheels or a physical location.

Often times looking at time, flexibility, and the overall costs is our final decision when opening any type of a business.

Here at Savory Temptations we understand what it takes to start a business, keep it running, and be successful at it. There is no need to look anywhere else for your trailer, fill out our quick form to the left and someone will get back with you in a short amount of time and help you begin to customize your food trailer.

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